Wiltshire Leagues 2011/12

  League rules modified Sept 2009


1)    Play shall be governed by the FIDE Laws of Chess unless they are specifically modified by these rules.


2)    The League Secretary has responsibility for overseeing the running of the leagues and for resolving issues that may arise. 

        Possible abuses to these rules should be reported to the League Secretary within 14 days of their occurrence.

        An appeal against a decision of the League Secretary should be made within 14 days of receipt of that decision.

        The League Secretary will refer the appeal to the WCCA Appeals Committee, whose decision will be final.


3)    Matches in both the Four-a-side and Minor leagues shall be played over 4 boards, with the away team having white on the

       odd numbered boards. Extra boards may be played which will be graded but will not count in the match result.


4)    Immediately prior to the start of a match, captains shall exchange team lists. Teams should be arranged in approximate

        order of strength with the strongest player on board 1. (Guideline: A difference of 10 or less ECF points is accepted as a

        measure of approximate equality in playing strength. Other criteria could also be applied).


5)   Every effort would be made to begin games on time, at 7.30pm. (and 7.35 pm. for Swindon). No penalty would normally be

        imposed within five minutes of a breach. Beyond five minutes, a captain will have the right to impose the penalty. The

       home team are responsible for the provision of equipment including clocks. 

      The rate of play is 35 moves in 75 minutes followed by all the remaining moves in 15 minutes.


6)    Any known default(s) should be on the lowest board(s). Penalty points will be imposed for defaulted boards;

        5 points on board 1, 4 points on board 2, 3 points on board 3, 2 points on board 4, 1 point for every arranged extra board.

        For every 10 penalty points imposed 1 match point will be deducted. 

        Penalty points do not apply to matches defaulted in advance.


7)    If a player fails to arrive before 30 minutes has elapsed on his/her clock then the opposing team may claim a win by default.

        A reserve may replace an absent player providing this is done prior to a claim being made. Penalty points will not be

        imposed on a player who arrives after a claim has been made but before the end of the match.


8)    At the end of the match, captains should sign both copies of the result sheet. 

       These should be sent to the League Secretary, to arrive within 14 days of the match.

       An e-mail to the web-master will be deemed notification to the League Secretary.


9)    If a fixture is postponed then a new date should be arranged.

       This date should be decided upon, and the League Secretary notified, within 14 days of the original date.

       The re-arranged date should be within six weeks of the original date. The League Secretary will default both teams if he fails

        to receive the results of a match or notification of a re-arranged date within 14 days.


10)  Eligibility to play in the Four-a-side league is open to all members of the club concerned.


11)  Eligibility to play in the Minor league is restricted to club members graded ECF 145 or less, or to un-graded members

        provided that their last published grade was ECF 145 or below. The League Secretary has discretion to relax the letter

        but not the spirit of these restrictions. If both captains agree, each team may include a player on board 1 whose grade

        is above ECF 145 but below ECF 160.


12)  A player, who is a member of both clubs, may play for one club in the Four-a-side league and the other in the Minor league.


13)  Where a club has two or more teams in a league, it should nominate, for all but the lowest team, three regular players who

        will not normally be eligible for a lower team.  In the absence of such a nomination the players on boards 1-3 in that teamís

        opening fixture will be deemed to be nominated.  Players named in four matches for a higher team will also not normally be

        eligible for the lower team.  A player not eligible may make one guest appearance for a lower team to avoid a default.

        Only one ineligible player may play for a team in any one match. This is intended as an emergency replacement scheme

        and not as a regular or tactical occurrence.


14)  Positions in leagues will be decided in favour of:-

       a)   The team with the highest number of match points; 2 for a win, 1 for a draw.

   b)   The team with the highest number of game points; 1 for a win, 0.5 for a draw.

   c)   The results of matches involving teams tied on the above.

   d)   The team with the fewest penalty point imposed.

   e)   The elimination of the game point scores on the lowest board on which a difference exists. 


15)  Entries should be made at or before the WCCA Executive Committee Meeting in September, where the format for that

        season will be decided.   This meeting is also empowered to adjust the ECF 145 restriction for the Minor league.


16)  Changes to these rules may only be made at the WCCA Annual General Meeting; such changes should be proposed and

        seconded and received by the WCCA Secretary no later than 31st March.